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Mundo Posible installs the RACHEL digital library, which works offline, in schools, libraries and parks in rural areas to allow free access to educational materials normally found online.

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Mundo Posible

Contributing to educational quality


Our tool par excellence is a digital library with many of the best educational websites in the world that, working offline, allows students, teachers and the general public to have access from any device with Wi-Fi reception. It works through a server that emits a Wi-Fi or wireless signal, allowing devices that are within a range of 35 meters (it can be extended with a router and/or access point or repeater) to connect for free.

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RACHEL is a collection of the most important educational websites in the world, it includes the following sites: Wikipedia, Ka-Lite, a version of Khan Academy for places without internet, the MINEDUC Guatemala module, a collection of material released by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala, also has modules of ministries of education of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Educator, among other countries. Contains the Wikihow site and many more.

What we do
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Teacher Training

When RACHEL is installed in schools, a teacher training process is carried out, to empower teachers in the use of ICT and RACHEL in the classroom as well as in new teaching methods. The Mundo Posible curriculum covers 12 hours of training, which can be face-to-face or virtual.

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Equipment of Learning Centers

Some of our projects include equipping learning centers with computers specially designed for browsing educational sites. In Guatemala there are approximately 34,000 public schools, of which it is estimated that only 4% have a computer lab, and 1% with an Internet connection.

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Our team

Joan Fuetsch

Legal representative

Joan Fuetsch is co-founder of the Mundo Posible Association and was the one who brought the first version of RACHEL to Guatemala in 2012. In a personal way and through different projects, she has contributed to the education of many children in Guatemala. Joan Fuetsch is also a board member of World Possible, her contribution to this great cause has benefited thousands of students and teachers around the world. 

Israel Quic

National Director

"When we have information, we can transform a community"
The lack of access to books and information has led Israel to strengthen his community's public library and to bring RACHEL to public schools. He is in charge of educational strategy, he has a great passion for education and technology. He was the first to promote the use of RACHEL in schools, libraries and parks, since 2014.

Juan Reanda

Technological Facilitator

He is in charge of technology and teacher training in new teaching methods and the use of technology in the classroom. Juan is also the developer of Mundo Posible, among its most relevant projects are the MOOC and Punto Crea Offline.

Romeo Rodríguez

World Possible Delegate

Romeo served as Executive Director for Mundo Posible for many years, he is currently a  World Possible Delegate in the south west of Asia with the mission of strengthening organizations that are implementing RACHEL. He has more than 12 years of experience in development projects.

Gerry Beltgens

Volunteer Collaborator

Gerry loves to support education and development projects, he is our volunteer collaborator who creates cooperation alliances so that RACHEL and technology reach the rural schools. 


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Cada año agregamos alrededor de 50 escuelas a nuestro proyecto. Si desea tener RACHEL en su escuela, puede obtener más información escribiéndonos a nuestro correo info@mundoposible.org o través de nuestro formulario de contacto:

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